San Diego Wage and Hour Lawyer

California employees who work a shift of 5 hours or more are required to receive an uninterrupted thirty (30) minute meal break. A ten (10) minute rest period must also be provided to any California employee for every four (4) hour, or greater part thereof, time period of work. Employers who violate either of these California wage laws are liable for monetary damages and civil penalties. If you are a California employee and believe you may have been denied your meal breaks or rest periods, a knowledgeable employee lawyer can assist you and make you aware of your legal rights.

Meal Break and Rest Period Class Action Lawyers

Glynn Law Group has represented thousands of meal break and rest period clients in class actions filed against employers who have violated one or both of these wage and hour laws. Often, a single claim brought forth by one California employee will lead to the discovery of a company policy that shows hundreds or thousands of employees are being denied their rights to proper meal breaks or rest periods. An experienced lawyer who litigates California meal break and rest period claims can conduct a thorough investigation, including examination of wage payment records, to determine whether employees have been denied their rights. If you work for a company whose policies result in the widespread denial of meal breaks or rest periods, contact us to find out whether you and your co-workers may collectively pursue your potential claims through a class action.

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If you have been denied your right to meal breaks or rest periods, a lawyer from Glynn Law Group can provide you a free, confidential consultation to explore your potential claims. Contact us today to speak to a California meal break and rest period lawyer.