False Advertising Law Firm

Consumers who regularly purchase goods and services are afforded legal protection. No consumer wants to receive less than what was promised when spending hard earned money on a purchase, even if the cost is small. When companies make promises about their products but do not deliver, false advertising violations have likely occurred. Glynn Law Group holds companies accountable for their promises and has successfully represented thousands of consumers who have had false advertising claims against some of the largest companies in the world.

False Advertising Laws Protect Consumers

Making false or misleading statements about the capabilities of a product is illegal under both state and federal laws. A misrepresentation or an omission about a certain product feature can illegally convert consumer reliance into a purchase. If you purchased a product and believe it was falsely advertised, you are likely not the only purchaser of that product who believes he or she was promised something you have not received. False advertising class action cases are often warranted to achieve consumer justice and prevent companies from further marketing and selling goods under false pretenses to unknowing consumers. A lawyer at Glynn Law Group can inform you as to your individual rights as well as whether you matter can be brought as a class action.

Experienced False Advertising Law Firm

An experienced false advertising lawyer can help you understand your rights. Even when the price of a product is relatively small, it is important for consumers to stand up to large companies who commit false advertising to sell their products. At Glynn Law Group, a knowledgeable false advertising lawyer can address your questions concerning false claims, hidden fees, rebates, inflated price comparisons, or bait and switch tactics. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation with a Glynn Law Group lawyer to discuss your potential false advertising claims.